Mark Josten

Vice President

Mark Josten has enjoyed a rewarding career in the field managing large and technically complex projects. On many of these projects, such as the Staples Center of Los Angeles, he leveraged strong technical knowledge and engineering skills to initiate and execute innovative construction methods and building design solutions. He relishes the problem-solving dynamic and engineering novelty of creating a one-of-a-kind prototype on every job site. Extensive design-build work with contractors has driven home to him the value of working through mockups, simulations and iterations as early as possible alongside the owner and architect to ensure the feasibility and constructability of a vision well ahead of breaking ground. As a result, most of Mark’s projects have been completed and delivered on aggressive schedules. Mark’s years of active leadership in project procurement and client relations have yielded trusted relationships with project partners, clients and designers.

Originally a Midwesterner, Mark attended Purdue University’s Construction Engineering program early in its inception, then stayed on for a master’s in Civil Engineering to explore the design aspect of striking structures that stood out from the norm. He then moved to LA and joined Pankow as a field engineer, where the 100% design-build portfolio gave him the opportunity to learn quickly, “like drinking from a fire hose.” That education has served him well on the many challenging projects he has tackled since, at PCL and beyond. His passion for creativity and inspiration motivates him to champion projects that defy expectations and mentor the next batch of leaders who will execute these daring visions. To his young proteges, he advises: “Don’t be afraid to dig into the plans and specs. Do your homework. And always remember that it’s never too late to ask questions.”