Patrick Choi

Vice President Estate Homes

For a Psychology major who delved deeply into Applied Mathematics as an undergraduate at UCLA, Patrick Choi’s career has taken an interesting turn.  Shortly after completing his studies, he seized an opportunity to work as a project engineer on a 40,000 sf estate home in Beverly Hills. He took that leap of faith into the dynamic world of fieldwork over 17 years ago, and Patrick has since built a career specializing in the execution of high-end residences in the greater Los Angeles area.

Patrick joined the MATT team in 2013 as a project manager after spending nine years building custom luxury homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Malibu. Since then, he has cultivated a healthy crop of elegant residential projects, operating under the highest level of attention to detail. Patrick feels a deep sense of responsibility towards bringing these spaces to life for his clients: “We become part of their family for the time that we are building their home. We want them to enter the finished product feeling a deep sense of pride, family and warmth.” Patrick believes that delivering lifelong satisfaction to owners hinges upon the unique offering that MATT brings to the table: a level of sophistication that comes from decades of experience in large-scale, complex, innovative commercial projects. Patrick’s teams deliver high-end finishes that are second to none in the market. “We employ the same approach to building a 30-story high-rise with a $250 million budget to building a 30,000 sf residence with a $30 million budget.” On the jobsite, that scope of process-planning translates to streamlined sequencing and scheduling, seamless coordination of trades and fluid communication with the owners. It’s imperative to Patrick that they understand the range and feasibility of their options as they partner with MATT on the journey of creating their forever-homes.