Stephen Montoya

Vice President

Stephen Montoya began his career studying architecture at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and quickly discovered that the role he really coveted was that of construction project manager – a role that would enable him to be involved in the final decisions about how a project comes together. He graduated with a degree in construction management, and spent the first seven years of his career managing large construction projects, such as the Ronald Reagan State Office Building (a dual-high rise project joined by a five-story atrium), the $305 million expansion of the Los Angeles Convention Center, and a large-scale bio-technical institute.

Stephen came to MATT Construction looking for a company with a more rigorous approach to preconstruction planning than he had experienced elsewhere. He found philosophical alignment with MATT, and had great respect for the construction skill possessed by the rest of the executive team. Stephen has overseen many of MATT’s most complex projects, all within schedule and budget, and maintains impeccable relationships with clients and design teams through his collaborative process and style.