Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

Approaching every single project with the collaborative mindset of Integrated Project Delivery

MATT’s naturally collaborative approach reaches its fullest expression in Integrated Project Delivery. When teams of complementary professionals work together toward a common goal, creative building solutions proliferate, and forward-thinking designs become a reality. Everything that we do at MATT Construction mirrors the principles of IPD, regardless of whether a formal IPD is contractually employed. We believe thoroughly in IPD’s early collaboration process, and the value that it brings to the preconstruction phase of a project.

A formal IPD process requires a high level of trust and partnership between all parties involved. MATT builds bridges early in the process, and focuses on understanding the essence of the design team’s vision and the owner’s priorities and requirements for budget and schedule. We align objectives, and assist the design team in understanding structural solutions, construction means and methods, and material alternatives, bringing key subcontractors into the conversation to provide additional perspective and knowledge. MATT coordinates team-wide use of technology, seeing this as a pivotal requirement for successful IPD. Building Information Modeling (BIM), centralized data collection and dissemination, and electronic management all contribute to the efficiency and ultimate value of this delivery system.