California Health & Longevity Institute


Westlake Village, CA


Castle & Cook Commercial


Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo

The California Health & Longevity Institute at the Four Seasons Hotel is in a separate, 2-story building contiguous to the hotel.  The institute focuses on pro-active, science-based holistic health through healthy lifestyle practices and early, accurate diagnosis and treatment of any medical or dental issues. Staffed by licensed professionals, CHLI’s facilities include complete medical and dental clinics with advanced diagnostic equipment including MRIs and CT body scanners; hydrotherapy pools, an indoor swimming pool and steam rooms; a Wellness Kitchen for healthy cooking demonstrations and classes both for in-person guests and for remote viewing throughout the hotel and grounds via the resort’s fully equipped production studio; meeting spaces for group or private workshops and counseling sessions; and a library with custom milled, built-in bookcases and a fireplace. Finishing touches include a living room, café, and retail shops; and a 5,000 sq. ft. gallery that overlooks CHLI’s lobby and the sculptural “Philosopher’s Stone”, and the hotel’s signature fountain in the gardens outdoors.