100% on time or sooner.  Achievement of schedule goals through critical path scheduling, 4D BIM technology and regular two-week look-aheads

As part of the preconstruction process, we not only address the means and methods for how a project will get built, but given the site logistics, client objectives, and constraints of the work, we flesh out the best sequence and schedule for building the project. We pride ourselves on the accuracy of the schedules we produce during preconstruction, because the realistic ability to adhere to those schedules is what provides our clients with project stability. Utilizing traditional scheduling programs combined with 4D Building Information Modeling (BIM) and other available technologies, MATT updates the design and subcontractor teams in real-time, keeping everyone abreast of progress and expectations relative to submittals, deliveries and availability of crews for on-site work and installation. By always looking ahead, MATT’s disciplined scheduling practice minimizes overtime, poorly installed work and inefficiencies on-site. As a result, we consistently finish high-quality projects on time and within budget.