Experience, knowledge and creativity support a dynamic collaboration, yielding time and cost savings to the owner

Design-build delivery facilitates an early partnership and dialogue between the design and building teams. At MATT, we believe our experience and knowledge can yield substantial returns in this process.

Whether through suggestions on structural system alternatives, construction details or material procurement, we know how to assess a project’s scope and needs while keeping the vision and budget intact.

From inception to completion, design-build offers a comprehensive opportunity to realize a project tailored with the utmost specificity to the client’s intent. It also enables key subcontractors and engineers to weigh in on conceptual stages.

Frequent group meetings guide the design-build process to a fertile exchange of ideas and perspectives.

Unexpected solutions and methods often arise as a result of this ongoing conversation.

Useful insights and rapid feedback promote timely decisions and quick turnaround.

The design-build delivery method fuels a dynamic collaboration between the design and build sides of the construction equation, creating a smooth workflow on and off the jobsite and yielding substantial time and cost savings to the owner.

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