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Empowering owners to make informed decisions.

An unparalleled package of preconstruction services for creative solutions and cost control

Preconstruction paves the way for smooth construction. We use this period to empower owners with options so they can make informed decisions that will keep operations on time and on budget. Our rich project experience, knowledge of emerging building technologies and thought leadership allow owners to realize their vision with the greatest value.

We use a host of tools to get the job done. Constructability reviews, explorations of innovative means and methods, leveraging Building Information Modeling software (BIM), physical mock-ups and comprehensive budgeting options all emerge from decades of well-documented experience.

But we don’t just stop at one good idea. We play out different sequencing and scheduling scenarios. We identify and resolve any potential design clashes. We research alternative materials and methods to offer a variety of options that match the project’s goals and the owner’s wishes. Our priority is to make the experience of choosing how to move forward into the construction process as streamlined as possible.



We stand by our numbers, because we stand by our numbers team.

For us, estimating isn’t about plugging data into a spreadsheet based on a rendering. Our estimators draw from our vast historical database and bring decades of engineering and project management experience to the table. They also know how to dissect and analyze structural, building envelope and MEP systems to preserve the client’s vision and keep it well within the project’s scope. Ongoing, dynamic dialogue with the owner and design team leads to an estimate range firmly rooted in a realistic building plan and a sound budget.

Proprietary budgeting tools + historical data that go well beyond on-screen takeoffs

Constructability Reviews

Innovative ways to maintain scope, schedule and budget

We explore all possible means and methods of tackling a project through rigorous constructability reviews. We verify components’ compatibility with site access constraints and undertake a thorough analysis of sequence of work, tolerance requirements, material availability and schedule timeframes to offer clients the right choices, freeing them up to spend their money on their priorities and empowering them to choose value elsewhere.

Value Engineering

We focus on adding high value without adding high cost. Through a creative investigation of cost-effective methods and materials, we strive to support or enhance critical elements of the design. We provide the owner and architect with cost-saving alternative systems, materials and methods of construction, optimizing the project value in alignment with the owner’s objectives.

Cost-effective methods and materials save money, enhance critical design elements and improve value

We pride ourselves on accurate sequencing and scheduling from the earliest phases through to completion.



To keep on track throughout the process, our communication software updates the design and subcontractor teams in real-time with progress on submittals, deliveries and availability of crews for on-site work and installation. Critical path scheduling, 4D BIM technology and regular two-week look-aheads bolster our success in achieving our scheduling goals.

Overseeing the day-to-day details of on-site operations and foreseeing potential challenges well in advance minimizes overtime and inefficiencies.

100% on time or sooner

Subcontracting & Bidding

MATT enjoys the privilege of drawing from an elite network within the trades. We’ve cultivated many of these partnerships over decades, so we know how to find the best fit for each project. Our challenging designs, efficient job sites and fair treatment attract a wide range of talented professionals.

Attracting, selecting and retaining the best available trades for the job

Before they’re selected, our subcontractors need to make the grade. We perform extensive evaluations, keep detailed reports from previous work and require annual requalification. We also assess their financial strength and safety records.

MATT’s comprehensive, concise bid packages go beyond communicating the basic elements of scope, schedule, cost, quality and relationship to other trades. We address every detail of the work and clearly state our expectations.

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This process generates reliable bids and reduces or eliminates contingencies, yielding the best value at the lowest cost.

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