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We Are Collaborative

How Do We Work? Together.

An absolute commitment to win-win teamwork earned MATT the Building Team of the Year award from the AIA Los Angeles for two consecutive years. In 2010, and again in 2017, the company also received the AIA Los Angeles Presidential Award for “contributions and commitment which have enriched the practice of architecture and the built environment…through partnership with the clients and architects of Los Angeles.” We are proud of these achievements, because they speak not only to how we build, but to our dedication to the collaborative process.

It’s not what you can do yourself; it’s what you can do to help others succeed.
Paul J. Matt

Our Process, Simplified

An alignment of project goals with the owner and design team

A thorough exploration of means to achieve those goals

Construction leadership to build the project to specification both on time and within budget


Project-specific quality plans to detail critical design elements and unique challenges

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Quality Commitment

Quality construction begins with quality planning. Every MATT project adheres to a rigorous standard of excellence that owners, developers and architects have come to expect from our work.

Our policy is simple: get it right the first time.

From Day One, we strive to harmonize the owner’s goals, the architect’s vision and the feasibility of construction. We leverage BIM-assisted virtual construction, field tests and verifications, functional mock-ups and third-party design reviews to streamline this conversation and coordinate budgeting, bidding and building.

A quality plan tailored to each project guides critical design elements, details and challenges. Our superintendents ensure that every person in the field is equipped with the necessary tools to succeed, and we hold ourselves accountable for the disciplined execution of every stage.


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Our excellent track record recently helped MATT to score an Experience Modification Rate (EMR) premium for base workers’ compensation of 0.54.

A proactive approach to safety

MATT Construction’s approach to safety starts well ahead of each project. Proper hazard analysis is a core part of that strategy and what makes safety protocols so effective on MATT’s jobsites. On any given project, MATT Construction partners “with the project owner to go above and beyond Cal/OSHA requirements and ensure a safe and healthy environment – not only for construction personnel, but for neighbors in the surrounding community,” says Joe Gregorwich, MATT’s Director of Safety. He adds that this attitude is no different from how MATT Construction runs as a whole – it’s about people, partnership and working towards everyone’s best interests.

Striving towards a zero-injury work environment is also part of the company’s proactive philosophy.

Low EMR numbers reflect high safety standards and benefit everyone inlvoved. On a recent $270 million project under an OCIP, MATT’s safety record prompted $7 million in client insurance refunds and garnered a Cal/OSHA Award for Excellence.

Coordinating and anticipating a project’s needs and scope during preconstruction and then regularly throughout all phases of the job means that MATT’s team takes nothing for granted. Working with subcontractors, owners and architects alike, the goal is team success. MATT superintendents are always on the jobsite working alongside subcontractors to adapt protocols as needed and ensure ongoing maximum safety standards. On every project, every week, the team holds site safety meetings to keep all parties up to speed. All MATT Construction employees must attend. Subcontractors are either invited or required to have their own safety meetings.

Anticipating and mitigating hazards and risks has earned the company multiple awards.

MATT Construction is proud to have earned the Golden Gate Award from Cal/OSHA for the Four Seasons Westlake Village Hotel and Spa, The Loop mixed use project, The Broad museum, the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills and the 8th and Hope residential tower in downtown Los Angeles.

At the Waldorf Astoria jobsite, MATT designated a full-time safety manager to go above and beyond Cal/OSHA’s requirements. Because of our excellent safety standards, the team at the Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills additionally achieved SHARP recognition, an award we also received for The Broad. Cal/OSHA reserves this award for a handful of high-hazard employers who demonstrate exemplary health and safety management at a jobsite through regular compliance and reporting, with a strong commitment to ongoing oversight and planning ahead. The selection process includes a series of visits to the jobsite and a thorough review of safety documentation and record-keeping by Cal/OSHA consultation personnel.

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