Fresno Chaffee Zoo Sea Lion Cove


Fresno, CA


Fresno Chaffee Zoo


The Portico Group

Designed after the Central Coast’s Point Lobos, the new Seal and Sea Lion exhibit is Fresno Chaffee Zoo’s first major exhibit funded by Measure Z. Design elements of the new exhibit include a face-to-face viewing window to see the animals up-close, an above water viewing area to overlook the entire pool, a 35-ft. long underwater viewing window to enjoy the seals and sea lions as they demonstrate natural swimming behaviors, shallow water encounter area and large demonstration area with naturalistic seating.

The exhibit contains a 250,000 gallon saltwater tank with majestic rock outcrops and islands throughout, while preserving the redwood trees that surround the enclosures.

The project also includes a Keeper’s Building with two holding pools, food preparation facilities and an office.

A separate Life Support Systems building contains the water quality equipment and filtration system and constructed wetlands water conservation system

Photographs by Benny Chan