Hill House


Montecito, CA



Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

Stonemark Construction Management

Project Size

19,000 SF


2022 | ACI SoCal Concrete Award, Decorative Concrete

2021 | AIA Santa Barbara Merit Award, Proposed/Unbuilt Projects

MATT is undertaking a uniquely challenging residential project that merges landscape and design to create an environmentally-conscious and efficient living space. Designed into the natural topography of a ridgeline overlooking the ocean, the home will blend into the ridgetop view and disappear into the landscape. The entire house will reside beneath a continuous green roof garden.

An integral feature of the home’s layout will be a smooth, undulating ceiling on the underside of a concrete roof. This translates to a very complex geometry, which in turn demands precision at every stage of construction. The on-site team will oversee the careful execution of curved and double-curved concrete. This difficult task benefits greatly from the use 3D modeling technology well ahead of construction to map out the precise mathematical and engineering needs of the envisioned space and the existing landscape.

MATT is partnering with a sophisticated formwork company to create formwork that will curve seamlessly to the roof design. Once the carpentry has been crafted to the specifications of the ceiling’s wave-like pattern, the team will pour concrete onto the forms.

Construction will take roughly three years.