El Rancho Escondido


Catalina, CA


Appleton Partners LLC

El Rancho Escondido is an extensive estate tucked away in a high valley of Catalina Island, one hour inland and about 20 miles off the California Coast. Nestled in rolling hills covered in native shrubs, its white walls and clay tile roof resemble many of the early California missions. MATT is renovating the multi-layered estate while staying true to its legacy and the fond childhood memories of the current generation of owners.

The MATT team is taking key steps to maintain the integrity of the home while updating it to seismic and safety standards to keep homeowners and guests safe. The grounds will contain a main house, an adjacent guest house, a chapel, a pool, a pool house, stables and staff porters. The ranch will have a large gravel driveway and courtyard area surrounded by structures leading to the main entrance.

The exterior of the home will feature bucolic distressed finishes with clay tile roofing. Many of the original finishes will be carefully removed, restored and reinstalled. The interior of the main house will be embellished with antique cabinetry and historic hardware.

MATT undertook extensive coordination in preconstruction, compiling a team of top-tier subcontractors willing to travel and determining the logistics of getting the team and the materials to the interior of the island.