Hollywood Hills Residence


West Hollywood, CA


Consolidated Architects

Interior Designer

De La Torre Studio

Project Size

30,000 SF

The Hollywood Hills Residence is a combined 30,000 sf double-lot project. The estate is being brought up to seismic standards, and renovated with finishes designed by De La Torre Studio. Dramatic two-tone wood inlay lines the floor, while white tile highlights the glass-enclosed wine racks lining the walls. Light filters through red screens covering the central dome, illuminating the richly appointed seating area below. Imposing chandeliers throughout the residence complement patterned walls and decadent curtains. As entrance to the home is via a narrow one-way street heavily lined with trees, the team is experienced in working on sites with limited access.

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A complete seismic upgrade and renovation of the main house alongside a demolition and rebuild of the secondary home. The structures differ radically in design: the first evokes sweeping Mediterranean hillsides and grandeur, while the second reflects a 21st century, ultra-modern dwelling with clean, sleek lines.

MATT’s team oversaw interior finishes – incorporating one-of-a-kind pieces. In one space, pressing on an antique trumpet opens a door. Another elaborate door made of intricately hand-carved wood hails from Morocco. The library, intended to imbue a sense of Great Britain, incorporates marble imported from the US Embassy in London.

The sumptuous new wine cellar sits beneath a gilded ceiling hosting a stained-glass feature designed for the owners by a New York-based expert in glasswork. At the entrance, four painted art panels depicting tableaus of Louis Armstrong and other jazz musicians, originally displayed in a French speakeasy, flank the walls.

In the guest house, the owner commissioned an artist known for large-scale optical exhibits. The entire roof of the Terrell Space retracts into a knife-edge drywall and comes with an elaborate electrical design. MATT’s team gathered and coordinated subcontractors with expertise in roof work, electrical engineering and more to achieve the vision.

With both lots located on a one-way, tree-lined street in the Hollywood Hills offering no parking or staging access, MATT’s team took special measures to coordinate construction activities.