The Strand Residence


Manhattan Beach, CA

Design Architect

Joan Behnke & Associates


Rodney Austin and Sons Inc.

Interior Designer

Joan Behnke

MATT came on board to renovate the Strand Residence, located in one of the South Bay’s most desirable beachfront neighborhoods. Joan Behnke updated the interior with finishes that transform the building from a home into an experience. The new design showcases the owner’s vast art collection. Finishes include Marmorino Venetian plaster complemented by clean wood, giving the space a modern feel. The kitchen features custom mill work, fumed larch veneer panels and leather-wrapped cabinet doors. A well-appointed glass-top table suspended from the ceiling lies at the heart of the dramatic wine room. In the master bathroom, lined with large windows opening to a stunning view of the ocean, the team added in a back-lit white onyx bath. The team also laid new, richly colored hardwood flooring and museum-quality lighting.