Christ Cathedral Tower of Hope


Garden Grove, California


Christ Catholic Cathedral Corporation

Design Architect

Richard Neutra


LPA, Inc.

Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

JLC Associates, Inc. and Davis Partners


2016 | NCSEA Excellence in Structural Engineering, Renovation

2014 | CREW-OC SPIRE Award, Building Renovations

MATT completed a major renovation of the iconic Christ Cathedral Tower of Hope, including seismic upgrades and extensive interior renovation. The renovation prepared the 13-story tower to house the staff of Christ Cathedral Catholic Corporation as well as staff members of Christ Cathedral Academy. Designer Richard Neutra and his son mounted the elevator and stairwell on the exterior of the building, freeing up nearly 1,650 sf of usable space on each floor out of a footprint of 1,850 sf. MATT Construction’s work on the project provided additional stability to the Tower of Hope, including wrapping columns in carbon-fiber mesh and installing seismic dampers that act as shock absorbers in the event of an earthquake.