Oakwood School Magnolia Boulevard Bridge


Valley Village


Oakwood School


Levin & Associates Architects

Project Size

1,760 SF


2017 | SEAOSC Excellence in Structural Engineering, Structural

The construction of the Oakwood School Magnolia Boulevard Bridge provides safe passage over busy Magnolia Boulevard, which bisects the campus. An important design element of the school’s 10-year master plan, the bridge has trusses which are not mirror images, creating a different view on either side. The red ceiling of the walkway adds color to the space, and instead of guard rails, stainless steel mesh covers both sides of the bridge to act as a safety barrier. Stairs and a hybrid LULA elevator provide access to the 18-foot-high walkway.

Given the small footprint on both sides of the bridge and the lack of storage at the site, MATT built the bridge in one piece. As much of the bridge was pre-fabricated as possible. The 114-foot bridge was then staged on a side street to add the roof and other final elements. The bridge was rolled to the location, raised up by crane, and the eight-foot-wide structure was perfectly set on its two four-foot diameter columns, causing only one eight-hour street closure to an important access point for the 170 freeway.