The Harland


West Hollywood




R&A Architecture

Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

Bedrock Consulting, LLC

Project Size

174,915 SF

The Harland condominiums are built with a hybrid structure, a combination of the Type V wood frame structure typical of residential buildings and a Type I low-rise tower, with seven levels spanning from the below-grade parking to the rooftop deck. Slabs step in and out and are offset from floor to floor, creating cantilevered balconies, many of which hang out over the structure at unique angles. The building includes a spa, a gym and a bowling alley at the courtyard level. Interior finishes for the 49 units feature Italian casework and premium appliances. Given the water table, MATT Construction utilized deep soil mixing below the foundation as a unique way of addressing the substrate soil condition and stabilizing the subgrade to bear the structure. The team also overcame the project’s challenging location on a highly condensed site, Beverly Hills adjacent, just north of busy Santa Monica Boulevard and bordered by residential properties on all sides.