The Harland


West Hollywood


Westbrook Properties


R&A Architecture

Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

Bedrock Consulting, LLC

Project Size

171,915 SF

LEED Rating



2021 | AIA Citation Award, Residential

The Harland condominium complex on iconic Doheny Drive combines a Type V wood framing structure with a Type I low-rise tower to form a luxurious, hybrid urban sprawl spanning seven levels, from below-grade parking to a rooftop deck. Featuring a mix of townhome and classic single-story apartments, both the Type V and Type I structures sit atop a common podium deck. As part of the site’s distinctive architectural footprint, offset slabs step in and out from floor to floor, creating cantilevered outdoor balconies overhanging the levels below at unique angles.

Residents enjoy such premium amenities as a spa, a gym and a courtyard level bowling alley. Italian casework and high-end appliances designed by Marmol Radziner make for luxurious interior spaces in the 49 units, well suited to the building’s exterior flair. The upper units of the townhome spaces feature skylights and a private roof deck with views of West Hollywood, downtown LA, Century City and Beverly Hills. The entire complex has secure access at all gates and entryways and is equipped for concierge and valet services.

To navigate a high water table during construction, MATT’s team utilized deep soil mixing below the foundation as a unique way to address the substrate soil condition and stabilize the subgrade to bear the structure. The site’s highly condensed residential location adjacent to Beverly Hills and north of Santa Monica Boulevard called for further creative workarounds for coordination, delivery and staging of materials. The building features a number of energy efficiencies to comply with West Hollywood’s green building program, including low-flow water fixtures, exterior glazing, sustainable Kebony wood siding, recycled tiles, reclaimed stormwater and native desert plants standing in irrigating filter boxes.