Huntington Library Jonathan and Karin Fielding Wing




Huntington Library


Frederick Fisher and Partners Architects

Project Size

8,600 SF

A new addition in what was previously a narrow courtyard between two existing buildings. The design joins two adjacent buildings, adding more than 5,000 sf of gallery space and reconfiguring several existing rooms to improve visitor flow.

The Huntington Library Fielding Wing project team overcame numerous challenges inherent to tying a new building into two existing gallery buildings. To safeguard the collections from damage, the team partnered with Huntington staff to identify compaction equipment that kept vibration within acceptable limits. When the footprint of the new building required the relocation of the galleries’ electrical yard, a major power line and a transformer, the team provided a consistent supply of temporary power to maintain the humidity, temperature, lighting and other environmental conditions that the artwork required. Since the Erburu Galleries remained in use throughout the project, the team implemented stringent measures to protect the safety and health of staff and visitors.