15000 Aviation Boulevard


Hawthorne, CA


Worthe Real Estate Group


Wolcott Architecture

Project Size

215,000 SF

Originally designed by Cesar Pelli and Anthony Lumsden in the 1960s to house the Federal Aviation Administration’s west coast headquarters, 15000 Aviation Boulevard is undergoing a major overhaul. Over the course of two phases, MATT’s team is gutting and restoring the former government building to create an up-to-code blank canvas for future commercial tenants. Phase I entails abating the building, demolishing the interior walls and ceilings, safe-offing the MEP and cleaning out the space to explore any as-builts that can either be adapted or removed.

During Phase II, MATT is performing a structural seismic upgrade, running two concrete cores through either side of the building. They are also carefully restoring the façade’s structural sheet metal components to their original condition and cleaning and refinishing the curved, six-story building’s mirrored skin. This eye-catching exterior is the first example of a reflective glass curtain assembly ever used on a building.

The building’s historic lobby contains a terrazzo floor finish and 20-foot-tall marble wall, both of which must remain unaltered except to touch up any cracks. Mindful of preserving those aesthetic elements, the team is making updates to the lighting system and the ceiling, all while maintaining the current 24-foot ceiling height. The LA Conservancy has been actively engaged in the project to provide insights and feedback and to review mockups as needed.