407 N. Maple


Beverly Hills, CA


Tishman Speyer



Project Size

4,400 SF

The renovation at 407 N. Maple transformed the building into a top-class office space in preparation for lease. The project relocated the restrooms and main stairway and involved intricate coordination to locate the new stair opening. The main design feature, a glass storefront rising to the second story, crowns the entryway. The glass cube has three 19.5-foot pivot doors, the maximum size available and the largest in southern California. In addition, the glass box has a 30-foot-high deck, which required diligent coordination from the team to ensure that construction would not affect the height of the box itself and the subsequent glass installation. The terrace was built on a slab extension from the existing building. Exterior improvements included a u-shaped driveway and a large courtyard with several planters and benches. MATT Construction worked with the owner to complete portions of the building and allow tenants to move in while construction was ongoing in other areas.

Photo credit: NBBJ