Park Place


Irvine, CA


Tutelian & Company, Layton Belling Associates Realty


LPA (exterior), Gensler (interior)

Project Size

470,000 SF


2008 | CCBJ Real Estate Award

MATT’s team undertook a six-phase renovation transformed the Park Place structure from housing a large single tenant to multiple-tenant use on a futuristically-designed campus. This 1,000,000 sf project saw upgrades to the utilities, grounds, approaches, concourse, plaza deck and three atrium entryways. An uncluttered sustainable landscape design and complementary hardscape round out the work. Among the challenges successfully overcome in the process were accomplishing the work while the buildings were in active use and gaining safe access to the 50-foot ceilings for the installation of customized lighting arrays, including grow-lights for indoor groves of lofty bamboo.