Inner City Arts


Los Angeles, CA


Inner City School of Arts


Michael Maltzan Architecture

Project Size

47,382 sq. ft.

Inner-City Arts serves over 30,000 at-risk youth each year by providing arts education to the children in and around Los Angeles’ skid row area. Built in three phases over 15 years, MATT has helped expand the facility by working on the center’s recent Phase II and III growth projects.

The one-acre campus, built in multiple phases, was conceived by architect, Michael Maltzan as a contemporary open air village of stucco, concrete, paint, and glass, connected by a landscape of palm trees, native plants and rocks.

Phase II added a new Visual Arts Building housing larger studio space for dance, drama and music classes, as well as a kitchen, wood shop and new animation studios.

Phase III, which consisted of four new ground-up structural steel and wood-framed buildings, added another 16,000 sq. ft. of space including a black-box theater, visual arts complex/library, performing arts studios, parent-teacher resource center, gardens and new gathering spaces.