Proprietary, comprehensive estimating and budgeting tools + historical data that goes well beyond on-screen takeoffs

When MATT Construction gives a client a number – we stand behind that number. That is how much confidence we have in the skills of our preconstruction and estimating team. For us, estimating isn’t about plugging numbers into a spreadsheet based on a drawing. Our estimating leadership brings decades of experience in engineering, project management and estimating. Together, our team members possess the analytical prowess to dissect an early concept and analyze the different structural, building envelope and MEP systems that will best incarnate the architect’s vision. An iterative and dynamic process with the design team enables us to land on an estimate range that is firmly rooted in a realistic building plan and a sound budget.

Our estimators draw on our proprietary historical database, which documents hundreds of MATT Construction projects, divided by project type, structural system, size and location, adjusted for cost escalation.