An unmatched arsenal of preconstruction services for innovation and cost control

It is during this critical phase that our rich project experience, knowledge of emerging building technologies, and thought leadership offer the greatest value to a client. During preconstruction our team empowers clients to analyze options and make informed decisions long before a shovel hits the ground and precious money flows into construction.

We deliver best-in-class preconstruction services by utilizing a host of analytical and communication tools at our disposal: thorough constructability reviews held collaboratively with the design team; exploration and suggestion of innovative means and methods of construction; Building Information Modeling (BIM); physical mock-ups; and a myriad of proprietary, comprehensive estimating and budgeting tools, based on decades of well-documented experience with a wide variety of project types. Virtual construction through BIM, in particular, is an invaluable resource during preconstruction for communicating design iterations, facilitating early decision-making, and exploring a variety of fabrication scenarios.

MATT Construction believes that its exceptional preconstruction team is the strongest weapon in its cost and budget control arsenal. By thoroughly examining all aspects of a project, playing out different building and scheduling scenarios virtually, resolving conflicts prior to construction, and ultimately figuring out the most efficient way to build the project, we help clients to achieve the highest value project within any allocated budget and schedule.