Subcontractor Selection/Bidding

Selection of the tradespeople who are most qualified to perform the unique facets of the project, not just bidding the trades

Selecting Subcontractors

MATT has developed and nurtured a subcontractor list over hundreds of successful collaborations. We perform extensive evaluations, keep records of subcontractor performance on each project, and require annual re-qualification by each of our subs. When selecting subcontractors for a particular project, we consider comprehensively whether subcontractors are appropriate for the type and size of the work and their fit with the overall project team. We assess subcontractors’ financial strength to ensure they can complete the job, and carefully review their safety records.

Attracting and Keeping Great Subcontractors

Getting the best subcontractors is a two-part process. On the one hand, we must identify who the best subcontractors are for each job, and we must constantly reaffirm their qualifications. On the other hand, we must provide a working and bidding environment that attracts and retains elite companies to participate in our jobs, and to bring their very best to the table on every project.

While MATT holds our subcontractors to high performance standards, we also acknowledge and reward them when they meet or exceed these standards. We respect our subcontractors as business entities: we pay them promptly and treat them fairly. While it isn’t easy to qualify as a MATT subcontractor, or to perform work to MATT standards, we work hard to ensure the success of those who do.

Obtaining Reliable and Competitive Bids

MATT’s comprehensive yet concise bid packages—and, for the awardees, our subcontract agreements—clearly and realistically communicate each job in terms of scope, schedule, cost, quality and relationship to other trades. We make it a point to go above and beyond the information contained in typical bid packages. By addressing every detail of the work and clearly stating our expectations, our bid packages produce reliable bids and reduce or eliminate contingencies. We make our awards expeditiously, focusing on best value to the project owner, not just lowest cost.