Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles Philharmonic Association


Callas Architects

Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

Elaine Nesbit

Project Size

3,500 sq. ft.


Popcorn for the Bowl

MATT just completed work on the Hollywood Bowl’s new bar and popcorn stand.  ​This was a fast-track project, taking place in the off-season, in time for opening night. It consisted of an outdoor bar and service area with access to the existing Pool Kitchen, which was above the old Popcorn concession stand.  The new Popcorn Stand replaced an existing shack which had stood near the East Gate entrance since the 1970’s.

Architect, Barbara Callas integrated four playful steel canopies, covered in a durable fabric that both grounds the curvilinear form of the Bowl and allows it to float.  This is achieved as the substructure of the two-story levels with engineering that required a slab over 32 cast-in-place piles secured by a monolithically poured grade-beam foundation.

The result is enduringly concretized in construction detail, quality, and classical design.

Photos by Carmel McFayden


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