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MATT’s Education Assistance Program: Employee Spotlights

Meet MATT employees who are pursuing their advanced degrees through the Educational Assistance Program

MATT Construction is committed to encouraging and assisting employees in improving their performance and personal growth through the Education Assistance and Student Loan Paydown programs. Through the Education Assistance Program, MATT reimburses participating employees up to a maximum of $5,000 per calendar year for tuition and other education costs. In celebration of the back-to-school season, MATT is highlighting some of their employees who are pursuing an advanced education through MATT’s Education Assistance program. Meet Becky McGregor, Alfredo Leal and Hannah Alvarez below.

Becky McGregor: Manager, Talent and Organization Development

Q: What level of education are you pursuing?

A: I am working towards my MBA with a focus in Data Analytics at Southern New Hampshire University.

Q: How do you manage working full-time and being in school?

A: It’s not easy—I am very dedicated to my schedule. Not only is time management important, but so is energy management. Having a supportive and encouraging team makes a big difference; it makes me feel like I am being cheered on from the sidelines, which is great.

Q: Do you have any tips for others who are trying to pursue their education while having a full-time job?

A: Make sure the people in your life are on board, both personally and professionally. It’s so important to have moral support and understanding when you are going through periods of time that are stressful and overwhelming. Also, be clear about what you want out of your advanced degree. Think ahead to what you are trying to achieve and find a program that fits your goals and learning style. Take time to consider the logistics of the program, like whether you work better online or in the classroom. There are so many important aspects to consider to avoid setting yourself up for failure.

Alfredo Leal: Project Engineer

Q: Where did you pursue your advanced degree?

A: I graduated from USC in May of 2020 with my master’s in Civil Engineering with an emphasis in Construction Engineering.

Q: How has your advanced education positively impacted your current work at MATT?

A: Taking LEED and P6 classes alongside being a Project Engineer gave me so many opportunities to tangibly apply what I was learning at USC. As a PE, procurement and schedule updates are a big part of my job, and so having a P6 class helped educate me for the field, rather than coming onto the job needing to learn new skills. With so many projects leaning towards achieving some sort of LEED certification these days, the LEED coursework I completed has given me valuable knowledge that allows MATT to help our clients meet or exceed their LEED goals.

Overall, MATT helped me achieve my master’s, and in turn, I get to help MATT deliver quality projects to our clients.

Q: Do you have any tips for others who are trying to pursue their education while having a job?

A: My advice is to not let your job determine whether you will pursue your goals or not. There will most likely never be a “perfect time” to work and advance your education simultaneously; so rather than spending so much time contemplating and trying to build a perfect schedule, take the leap and just do it.

Hannah Alvarez: Senior Project Accountant

Q: Where are you attending school?

A: I am currently pursuing my MBA with a concentration in Accounting at Southern New Hampshire University.

Q: How does having MATT’s support in pursuing your next level of education impact you?

A: I am very grateful to be able to utilize the education reimbursement MATT offers to cover a portion of my MBA program costs. This benefit has reduced the financial burden on me and has made pursuing an MBA more financially accessible for me. It is also great to have my supervisor, Lupe, encourage and support me through this process.

Q: How has your advanced education positively impacted your current work at MATT?

A: With each course I take towards my MBA degree, I learn new concepts that I can apply to my work and how I interact with others at MATT. So far, my studies have been focused on human and organizational behavior in business and leadership, which has helped me to better understand the type of leader I am, what weaknesses I can improve on, and how to better communicate with teams. Overall, it has helped me become a better co-worker and employee.

Thank you to Becky, Alfredo and Hannah for participating in these interviews. MATT is excited to continue to support you in reaching your goals! 

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