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Working @ MATT – Summer Internship

What’s it like to work at MATT?

At MATT Construction, we strive to become Great Leaders, Great Builders and Great People through a culture of mentorship. This summer, we asked four of our interns about their summer internship at MATT Construction. Here are the answers – to their questions and ours –  Katheryn Goldean (Colorado State, Pueblo), Kevin Halverson, (Cap Poly San Luis Obispo), Noah Mallen (Ohio State) and Krystin Roberts (Purdue) discovered over the course of their internships.

What is it like to work at MATT?

Katheryn: The people there are trying to build MATT Construction up, not their individual careers.

Can MATT fit my schedule?

Kevin: Flexible start and end dates made it easy to say yes.

I want to be involved, I don’t want to sit there bored. How much time between when I am hired at MATT and when I am integrated?

Kevin: I was in an environment where I was valued right away. The first week I was helping order materials. From start to installation, I coordinated the security and time-lapse cameras for the site. I handled the invitations to bid for the electric subs. I had the drawings. I could walk the subs over and answer questions.

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What level of responsibility will I have?

Katheryn: I was working with the team at LACC for completion and closeout. They let me step in to the role of PE as much as I wanted to. Every time there was an RFI, a change order or something that needed to be submitted, they would ask me if I knew how to do it. No I didn’t, but then I would get to find out. Their willingness to teach made me a much more productive member of the team.

What kind of impact will I have at MATT?

Krystin: My first year I was in the estimating department. My last day we were in the little accounting conference room presenting the budget to Paul and Steve Matt. It was cool to see that even though I was just coming off my freshman year, I was doing takeoffs and estimates that the CEO of the company was seeing.

What will I learn at MATT?

Noah: I learned a ton this summer about construction in general, how the process goes and what goes on behind the scenes. I learned the language of RFIs and how to write them, I learned about traffic control plans, bid analysis, bid tabs and going through the process with the owner – I’d never heard of an OAC meeting before. I worked with a commercial retail contractor last summer, and I learned 10 times more on this internship.

What projects has MATT done in the past?

Katheryn: MATT has the perfect balance of passion and looking for work that no one else can do. I spoke with 30 other companies. MATT stood out because they have the drive to attempt the impossible – they take risks to get rewards. It’s not just about making money, but about being proud of the kinds of jobs they do. It’s unique work that all of Southern California can be proud of.

Intern Day Angels Game MATT Construction Summer Internship at MATT Construction

What does MATT focus on?

Katheryn: MATT focuses on people and relationships – subcontractors, owners, architects – everybody goes home safe and happy.

How is the team structured?

Kevin: We met the CEO and the executives when we gave presentations at the bi-weekly all-hands meetings.

Katheryn: You will be learning with the best by far. I would like to emphasize with them. There were people on the team learning alongside me and getting promoted while I was there. I worked with a fantastic team. You could see the great team dynamic in how they interacted with each other – it showed.

In the future, I want to be a project manager. What are my opportunities for self-development?

Kevin: At MATT, everyone has an opinion and a say. On my project, I was asked my opinion of the subcontractor bids. I also had an opportunity to work on a TI for for the client from start to finish. If something came up, I could take responsibility and go solve a problem.

Krystin: LA was daunting, I never imagined that I would leave [Indiana], I am one of 30 cousins just on my mom’s side, and everybody lives within 10 miles of each other. My passion for diversity and for something different led me to LA. I took a leap of faith, and it changed who I was as a person: Our whitewater rafting trip was life-changing. The teamwork aspect – working together so you don’t all flip the boat. The jobs we do are really difficult and sometimes nearly impossible, but if we all come together and don’t care who gets the credit, then we can achieve it. In that environment, you really play a part.

What surprised you?

Katheryn: MATT is a place where you can make a home and a career long-term. I didn’t expect to find that here.

MATT Construction Intern Day 2016 Summer Internship at MATT Construction

What advice would you give future interns?

Kevin: You need to be confident in saying you don’t know something – the team is relying on you to get something done, if you don’t know, say it.

Noah: If they want to learn a lot this is a great place to do it. People will actually take time out of their day – my project manager took the time to answer as many questions as I had.

Krystin: On the whitewater rafting trip, I was in a boat with Neil Matt. The best networking you can get is someone saving your life if you fall out of a boat.

MATT Construction Kern River Rafting Trip Summer Internship at MATT Construction

What does Great Leaders, Great Builders, Great People mean to you?

Noah: It means people who care about you, not just about the money. They care about what you want to have come out of the project. It means good people that get things done the right way.

MATT Construction Intern Day 2016 Shuttle Summer Internship at MATT Construction

Any parting thoughts?

“I wouldn’t give this job up for anything.” – Kevin Halverson
“Best way I could have ever spent my summer.” – Katheryn Goldean
“I learned more in three months than in three years at school.” – Noah Mallen

MATT Construction Intern Day Limo Shuttle 2016 Summer Internship at MATT Construction

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