One Westside


Los Angeles, CA


Hudson Pacific Properties



Project Size

584,000 SF

MATT’s team is undertaking a seismic retrofit along with core and shell improvements of an existing, three-story shopping mall at One Westside Pavilion. The upgraded space will be repurposed for high-end commercial office use. The tenant requires a retrofit to seismic level 3, more stringent than the building’s original 1985 construction called for. As part of the safety update, MATT’s team will be using 238 Taylor dampening devices, large-scale shock absorbers that help reduce movement in the event of an earthquake.

A number of LEED-oriented materials and methods are in place at the site. All demolished material is being sorted and diverted to appropriate waste management locations. Additionally, the project will involve measures to reduce water and power consumption through high efficiency mechanical systems, solar fixtures and water management systems. The steel is being fabricated locally, in California.

Challenges include unforeseen conditions as the team removes façade work from the storefronts and tenant-occupied areas. To mitigate potential delays when encountering these as-builts, the team is resequencing when necessary and procuring any critical items well in advance. Demolition also involves high safety risks as decks are being removed, prompting extra caution and protective measures such as added handrails and an increased level of on-site communication.