Sustainable Construction

Collaboration with architects and engineers to achieve net-zero, LEED Platinum and other sustainability goals

Buildings account for approximately 48% of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to the Environmental and Energy Institute. MATT Construction understands that as a builder, we have an enormous opportunity and responsibility to contribute toward greenhouse gas reductions. To that end, we have invested a tremendous amount of time and effort over the past two decades in sustainability education and a variety of green initiatives.

Well ahead of the global green building trend, MATT built its first sustainable project, the Visitor Center at Playa Vista, before the USGBC had completed development of the LEED rating system. Now that LEED is used as an industry standard, the majority of MATT’s projects are delivered with some level of LEED Certification. Sixty percent of MATT’s management team has become LEED accredited, and we are deeply committed to proposing sustainable solutions on every project. MATT continues to press forward with its proficiency in emerging technologies and all aspects of sustainable construction.