Paul J. Matt

Paul Matt Awarded ENR Legacy Award

​In what was called a “unanimous decision,” Paul Matt was selected by ENR as the recipient of the 2015 Southern California Legacy Award.

ENR looked for nominees with long lists of contributions to their profession and community: a history of innovation, outstanding career highlights and an engagement within the industry and the surrounding community.

Paul’s long and storied career is well known throughout the industry, punctuated by some of the region’s most architecturally iconic and challenging projects, including the Crystal Cathedral, The recently completed Broad museum, the Salk Institute, and current work on the Petersen Automotive Museum.  “Complex buildings are what excite me. I’ve turned down more commodity projects along the way, because it is hard for me to get interested in things that are not challenging.  I think that at this point, everyone in the company has a similar feeling about it… we don’t ever say you can’t do something,” says Paul.

The award is being presented at the Regional Best Projects Awards ceremony at the DoubleTree Hilton in Los Angeles, December 1st.

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