We're happy to follow ML+A down this garden path! [Photo courtesy Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; photo credit: Ryan Miller, Capture Imaging.]


Los Angeles, CA


Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County


CO Architects

Landscape Architect

Mia Lehrer + Associates

Construction Manager / Owner's Rep

Cordell Corporation

Project Size

410,000 SF


Mia Lehrer + Associates Merits ASLA/Southern California Award

Congratulations to Mia Lehrer + Associates for their recent win of a Merit Award for Institutional Design from the American Society of Landscape Architects – Southern California Chapter, which has honored them for their design of the North Campus Garden at the Natural History Museum, where MATT worked with them as project general contractor. ML+A aptly describes this amazing, multifaceted garden: “The North Campus at the Natural History Museum (NHM) is a new outdoor destination that fosters nature within the heart of the city. The garden is an urban ecological laboratory, positioned to support education and stewardship of nature in an urban area inhabited by millions of individuals. Combining a wide range of dynamic outdoor exhibits, [it provides] an immersive experience [that] stimulates interest and curiosity about local flora and fauna, which supports education and strengthens connections to the museum’s collections and research.” The garden, and the Otis Booth Foundation Entry Pavilion, will be fully completed and open by Summer 2013. We encourage you to visit the garden before then to appreciate ML+A’s design as well as to enjoy the natural dynamics of the garden’s growth and seasonal change, and its ongoing evolution as a new teaching and learning space at the museum.

Follow this path from the corner of Exposition Blvd and Bill Robertson Drive into NHM’s North Campus Garden! Photo credit: RMA Photography, Inc.

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