The Archer School for Girls


Brentwood, California


The Archer School for Girls


Parallax Associates

Project Size

83,000 SF

The Archer School for Girls, located in Brentwood, California is an independent college prep school for grades 6-12. One of three schools located in close proximity to Sunset Boulevard, access to the campus requires close coordination due to heavy traffic and neighborhood proximity on the north, west and east sides.

The project is in a residential neighborhood and on an occupied campus, making sound levels and positive relations with the surrounding neighbors critical. To combat the issue of noise, the team at MATT has set up 16’ and 24’ sound walls around the perimeter of the site. They have also been proactively working with Archer to educate them on what to expect as construction continues and the sound levels increase.

Site access is another challenge as the single access point to Archer is located off Sunset and is shared with the students and parents. MATT has implemented a traffic control plan along Sunset Boulevard to allow construction trucks to safely enter and exit the jobsite. Through constant communication with the school, the MATT team is safely and successfully navigating this constraint.

The Archer project consists of two separate phases, which when completed will help transform Archer into a state-of-the-art campus with upgraded classrooms and technology. Phase one was the construction of a temporary modular village connected to the historic building via a pedestrian bridge over the main driveway.

The second phase, the North Wing renovation is currently underway. The team demolished and is rebuilding the wing while making sure the remainder of the occupied structure remains safe for students. The three-level North Wing has two levels above grade and one below. The wing will contain a hydraulic elevator, a full commercial kitchen, classrooms, offices, a dance studio and a courtyard with amphitheater seating. The windows feature sheet metal with intricate designs, which connect the protruding windows to the building’s plaster exterior. Some existing roof tiles will be preserved and reinstalled.