Jason Mosier


Jason Mosier first joined MATT in 2000 as a project engineer after completing a degree in Construction Management from Northern Arizona University. He spent his first years at MATT on a variety of different projects, from design-build parking structures, to high-end retail, to private schools, quickly rising to the level of project manager. Eager to extend his expertise in varied construction challenges, he joined a local contractor in 2006 and undertook numerous public and federal ventures, overseeing the construction of schools, hospitals and military bases at the level of vice president. Jason returned to MATT in 2016 with valuable insights from a wide range of successful public sectors and delivery methods. His honed negotiating skills and well-rounded contractual experience include private/public, hard-bid public/federal, and design-build private/federal.

“Build the team before you build the project.” That simple philosophy guides Jason’s approach to fulfilling an owner’s vision to the highest standard. He has become a go-to expert in primary and secondary school construction, known and trusted for his broad portfolio of K-12 and higher education projects. He brings creative insights from the realm of public works to private construction, in particular a keen awareness of potential problems or conflicts and the necessary resolution skills to overcome those challenges as they arise. From his days as a former college athlete and team leader, Jason knows that “competition makes us stronger, collaboration makes us better.” With the right drive, leadership and teamwork, any obstacles in the construction process can be overcome.