Bart Shively

Chief Strategy Officer

Bart Shively attended Purdue University in Indiana, originally planning to major in construction management. Instead, he pursued a degree in civil engineering, a field that gave him a broadly applicable framework for analyzing and solving problems. He also earned an MBA from California State University, Long Beach, where he focused on business management and marketing.

Before joining MATT in 2003, Bart worked for a Colorado firm, as well as for J.A. Jones, an international conglomerate with annual earnings of about $5 billion. There he was one of a select group who were given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills through a year-long leadership training program. That experience taught him that management and leadership are not necessarily one and the same thing, and helped him to become the inspirational leader that he is at MATT. Bart’s construction experience includes a broad range of project types, including high rise hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings, museums and other cultural facilities.