Maria Guido

Vice President Talent

Maria Guido has dedicated over two decades to the field of human resources and is especially passionate about the development of talent management strategies and integrated solutions to recruiting and cultivating talent. In her role as Vice President of Talent, she seeks to ensure that MATT applies integrated talent management solutions across all phases of an employee’s tenure at the company and to formalize talent initiatives and processes towards company-wide growth. Maria works closely with MATT’s CEO and CSO to establish a unified vision for evolution and expansion. Her keenly analytical mind is drawn to the integration of management programs, long-term goals and how to effect transformational change at the institutional level. She understands that an organization’s core mission and value system attract like-minded talent and create connectivity. At MATT, she has incorporated that understanding into her approach to dynamic programming and strategizing. She thrives in a collaborative environment where team members are aligned in their visions and goals and enjoys MATT’s entrepreneurial spirit, where “people rally around what needs to be done.”

Starting her HR journey on the benefits and compensation side, Maria quickly broadened her skill set to incorporate employee relations and legal compliance and played a key role in designing and implementing reward programs at organizations such as the LA Times. Directly prior to joining the construction world, Maria served as Executive Director of HR and Talent Management at Unified Grocers. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration with a concentration in Human Resources Management from California State University, Los Angeles as well as a Certificate in Employee Relations Law from the Institute for Applied Management and Law.