Neil Matt

General Superintendent

As General Superintendent, Neil Matt oversees and supports field operations. Neil grew up working on construction sites from a young age; from a laborer to a carpenter’s apprentice.  As a young man in Junior College, he learned discipline through high achievement in many sports, most notably track, where he placed in the NAIA championship for hurdles.

Neil joined the elite Army Rangers for 3 years, where he served around the world. He returned to study structural engineering at the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT).

In the 1980’s, he returned to Southern California to resume work in the construction industry, first for BLC surveying, and soon thereafter for CL Peck, where Paul and Steve Matt were already working.  Neil gained expertise first doing surveying and layout, and eventually field supervision on such iconic projects as the 777 tower in downtown Los Angeles, the Great Western Bank, and the Skirball Cultural Center.  After MATT Construction was founded, Neil came on board and continued his work as a Superintendent, and was eventually elevated to General Superintendent, a position in which he now manages all field operations for the company.  Neil sees his role as one of setting up the proper team for a job, removing obstacles, and making sure that MATT Construction’s superintendents get the support they need to be effective.